Something Is Coming

from by BARDS

  • Being the official and authorized minerval handbook of the first right and true order of the Cloak of Nazili.

    Includes: 50 page book with 16+ full color illustrations, an introduction to the mythology of The Cloak, and a 16 song CD
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While visiting a Gypsy fortune teller, the Shining One receives an
ominous vision of future catastrophe befalling mankind which he hopes to somehow prevent.


All you fallen down spirits
Come rise from your stoned over graves
Come dance with the firelight
As it flickers on the walls of my cave
Stone grown to bone intone
Simulacra whose shadows disconnect
Draw breath and draw pause
To the laws of cause and effect
Nothing can breathe in this air
Statues of lovers
Whose eyes remain locked in a stare

Something is coming I can smell it on the breeze
Something which frightens the animal in me
Shot through the heart with your poison tipped arrows
And the eyes of the eagle are fixed on the sparrow

Burning the maps and connections
To lands long forgot
All the loose ends
To be swept up and tied in a knot
Oceans of causes
Which ripple and steadily swell
All of us captured, enraptured
Still under the spell
Nothing can grow in this soil
Earth has been salted
And yet we unceasingly toil

Something is coming I can hear it in the night
Stalking in the shadows with its eyes glowing bright
Sewn into our comforts we do as we please
Treating the symptoms, ignoring the disease


from BARDS: Of The Morning Star, released October 31, 2019

All guitars, programming, keyboards: PS Perkins
All drums and percussion, keyboards: R Thomas
Hypno-vocal chanting: Sabin Thomas


all rights reserved



Mystic Tape Deck Boise, Idaho

More Than Sounds, Mystic Tape Deck is a multimedia collaborative project by two multi-instrumentalists known as "The Bards of the Morning Star."

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