Nü Gürü

from by BARDS

  • Being the official and authorized minerval handbook of the first right and true order of the Cloak of Nazili.

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The Shining One positions himself as a self-help guru, finding himself unhappily and unwittingly amidst a blindly sycophantic cult of worshipers.


“Take care and always be aware, for the seeds you sow today
are the harvest you reap tomorrow...”

I’m the newest guru to ride upon the golden wheel
When I am in your head you can’t be sure that I’m even real
There’s nothing you can own which isn’t really mine to steal
Happy to hand you another onion to peel

I’m the only light that can show you the true way
And illuminate the paths along which you in darkness stray
Hear the singing strings as I pluck upon your fears and play
Now genuflect in deference and let us pray

“That which grows quickly, withers the same,
while that which grows slowly endures...”

Lure you from your home to this faraway and foreign place
Assure you that it’s raining as I’m pissing in your face
Marginalize your misery in the game of my undying grace
Then disappear completely and leave you with no trace

I’m the newest guru, invisible to the hands of time
Always slipping away without revealing my crime
Leave your soul coated with the stickiest of choking slime
And those with second sight become leaders of the blind

“The fleece of the sheep, touched by the genius of man,
becomes a raiment for a king...”

Let my intent become the flowers which bloom
against your flowing spring
And your heart the subtle flutter of the butterflies wing
For I’m the brave warrior who seeks to quench their thirsty sword
Embracing the fate which we all hurtle toward...

“In our lives, we seek too much.
We think too much and want too much.
When is our time for simply being?”


from BARDS: Of The Morning Star, released October 31, 2019

All guitars, bass, wobbles, synths, programming: PS Perkins
All drums and percussion: R Thomas
With some mangled quotes from Og Mandino


all rights reserved



Mystic Tape Deck Boise, Idaho

More Than Sounds, Mystic Tape Deck is a multimedia collaborative project by two multi-instrumentalists known as "The Bards of the Morning Star."

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